“Priyanka really took the time to understand my goals before we even came close to talking about fees. She really cared about my success. I got into 3 of the 5 schools that I applied to.” -Client, Tufts University 

“What I liked about Priyanka is that she made me aware of scholarships that I didn’t even know about. She pushed me to apply to them and edited those essays for me in addition to my applications. I was awarded one of the four scholarships that I applied to and can now go to my dream school without the tension of finances over my head.” -Client, Princeton University 

“Priyanka is professional and prompt. She was always in touch with me. The one-on-one attention differentiates her in the industry. And she charges fairly. I felt comfortable and more confident about my applications with her holding my hand.” -Client, The London School of Economics 

“I had no working experience in the career that I wanted. Through mentoring, Priyanka identified the best route for me to transition into my career. We explored going to grad school and not going to grad school. In the end, I chose to attend grad school and now have two job opportunities in a field that I am passionate about. Priyanka helped me with mentoring and my applications. She is the best!” -Client, Transitioned from Mechanical Engineering to Economics + Policy

“Priyanka is great to work with, definitely worth investing my time and money in her coaching and mentoring. She helped out tremendously in any area where I was seeking advice and guidance. I really lucked out because I wanted to go into a media career, and that’s the exact same field that she works in and has lots of expertise in. Her help isn’t just great because of all her experience and insight, but she also is super well connected and knows how to set you up with a professional resume & cater it to the field you desire to work in. Priyanka has also helped me out with marketing myself on LinkedIn and has given me the best tips and advice for reaching out to & connecting with people in the respected field I want to work in. I 100% highly recommend her consulting & mentoring program for anybody considering a change in career or industry.” Client, Transitioned to Broadcast Journalism from Consulting, Washington DC

“Priyanka’s deep knowledge and domain expertise is something you will start noticing in the initial few interactions with her. But what stands out for me, is her ability to connect and provide the much needed emotional support. This approach keeps one positive through out the admission process. For me, this is what makes Priyanka unique and a great consultant to work with.” Client, Masters’ Degree Applicant 

Clients have been accepted into: 

Boston College

Brown University

Carnegie Mellon University

Colgate University

John Hopkins University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Middlebury College

Northeastern University

Harvard University

Princeton University

Sciences Po

Tufts University

University of California- Berkeley

University of California- Los Angeles (UCLA)

University of Chicago

University of Illinois

University of Southern California

Stanford University

Schwarzman Scholar Program, China

The London School of Economics and Political Science

Vanderbilt University

Wesleyan University